Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our plants are in good condition when they are sold, are able to grow providing they receive proper planting and maintenance and are hardy plant material for our region (unless indicated otherwise).

As we are dealing in living plant material we have no control over the care or environmental conditions and stress factors your purchase will be subjected to. The success of your plant is up to you and the aftercare you provide. How you treat your new plants affects how well they do: after-care is especially important in their first season, both pre- and post-planting.

Adequate watering, mulching and correct planting technique is your responsibility. Unforeseen weather patterns or neglect once the plants leave our property are beyond our control. Therefore we do not offer any warranty on our products.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plant’s care, please call us ASAP. We are always happy to help with any advice on a solution to most problems!